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Snow and Ice Policy for The Town of Porter

Town of Porter Department of Highways – Mission

It is the Mission of the Town of Porter Department of Highways to ensure our   customers- those who live, work and travel in the Town of Porter- have a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound highway system in the Town.

Snow and Ice Control on Town , County and State highways under the jurisdiction of the Town of Porter – Goal

It is the departments goal to provide highways that are passable and reasonably safe for vehicular traffic as much of the time as possible within the limitations imposed by weather conditions and the availability of equipment, material and personnel. It is recognized that due to resource limitations and weather conditions, pavement surfaces will be snow covered and/or slippery some of the time. The traveling public must exercise caution and drive appropriately in those situations.

Level of Service

A regular level of service will be maintained on all highways under the jurisdiction of the department between 4:00AM and 10:00PM Monday thru Friday.  A modified level of service will be provided on all roads at all times on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Call Out Response and Personal Readiness

The Superintendent of Highways or his designate will monitor weather conditions and patrol Town, County and State Highways prior to 4:00AM as needed. Call out of personnel will be initiated if weather and road conditions warrant a response. The public may report deficient road conditions to the highway office from 8:00AM – 3:30PM Monday thru Friday at 791-3831. After hours reports may be made to the Lewiston Water Pollution Control Center at 754-8291 or the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office at 438 – 3393.

& Recycling Collection Schedule

• Town of Porter & Ransomville (excluding Village of Youngstown)
– Collections on THURSDAY
• Village of Youngstown – Collections on FRIDAY

All refuse should be at the curb by 7:00 am. You are allowed to
put one bulk item out at the curb each week.

The following holidays are exceptions to the scheduled collections.
Collections for these holiday weeks will be on Fridays for the Town
of Porter & Ransomville and on Saturdays for the Village of

Holiday Collection Date – Town Collection Date – Village
Memorial Day – Mon 5/30 Fri,June 3, 2016 Sat, June 4, 2016
Independence Day–Mon 7/4 Fri, July 8, 2016 Sat, July 9, 2016
Labor Day – Mon 9/5 Fri, Sept 9, 2016 Sat, Sept 10, 2015
Thanksgiving Day – Thurs 11/24 Fri, Nov 25, 2015 Sat, Nov 26, 2016
Christmas Day – Sun 12/25 Fri, Dec 30, 2016 Sat, Dec 31, 2016

The Town of Porter strongly supports recycling. For all trash collected
the Town pays a fee per ton. With all recycling collected the Town
pays nothing. Additional recycle bins are available at the Town
Hall. See home page for recycling information.
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Pick Up


To arrange pickup please call the highway department Monday thru
Friday during regular business hours at 791-3831.
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2016 Brush pickup Schedule:

Town of Porter Highway Department 2016 Brush Pick Up Schedule

Brush Pick Up will commence on Monday, April 18, 2016  under the following schedule.

TOWN WIDE PICK UP:  Monday, Apr 19th  Lutts Rd & West Tuesday April 21st Areas East of Lutts Rd

Starting Monday   May 2nd       regularly scheduled pick up as follows:

            1st  Monday of the month,  those areas from Lutts Road west

            3rd  Monday of the month, those areas east of Lutts Road

   Final Brush Pickup will be Town wide Monday November 7nd Lutts Rd and area west Tuesday November 8rd Area East of Lutts Rd.


Guidelines for Brush Pick Up

            This service is for reasonable and routine homeowners tree trimming only.

This does not include trees in wooded areas behind homes.  WE DO NOT OR EXTEND LOTS FOR BUILDERS OR PRIVATE OWNERS.  If you utilize the services of a contractor, he is responsible for clean up of the trimmings.

            ALL branches MUST be no larger than 3” in diameter.

            ALL BRANCHES MUST be piled as neatly as possible with all cut ends facing the road, piled as close to the road as safety permits, approximately waist high.  This enables crews to pick them up quicker and easier.

            We do not go on private property. Please do not request us to do so.

            BRANCHES MUST BE FREE OF ROOTS AND DIRT.  We do not pick up rocks, stumps, leaves, lawn sweepings, twigs, vines, rubbish, etc.  Please do not put these items out with your branches.  We will not pick them up as they could pose a great danger to the men and equipment.     

            Should you have any questions, please contact the Highway Department at 791-3831 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.

Modern WILL pickup: Mattresses, in fall BAGGED Leafs.

Town Accepts: USED motor oil, NO Antifreeze, 2x a year Tire drop off usually a dumpster at Town Hall or Village of Youngstown – NO TIRE PICKUP

Christmas Tree – After Christmas will pickup trees or drop off in brush pile.

Scheduled Road Maintenance: 2014

Lake Road (18F) From the Village of Youngstown Village line to Orchard Drive

Crack filling, hot asphalt patching, Nova Chip Hot mix overlay.

North Creek Road – From Creek Rd to End, Reece Court – From Lake Rd to End, Parker Road -Ransomville Road to End.

2" surface milling/2" resurfacing with Hot mix asphalt

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Snow Removal Notices

During and after significant snow storms, highway agencies, in the course of plowing, receive phone calls regarding damage to mailboxes, either from snow plows directly or from the force of snow being thrown by the plows. If such damage is indeed caused by snow removal, it is not done intentionally but is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal.

As far as the particular agencies replacing damaged mailboxes, it must be pointed out that there is no statutory or legal authority that grants a property owner or resident along a public highway any right to place a mailbox in a highway right-of-way. It is understood, the owner must have a mailbox in the right-of-way, by law to cause delivery of the mail, which may give the owner an informal license: but, in no way does this endow said owner with any legal rights in the highway when needed for highway purposes.

Quoting from the case of Van Wyck vs. Lent, “The highways of the state are for and devoted to public travel and the whole public have right to theur use in their entirety and when obstructions to public travel are found within their bounds, commissioners of highways are clothed with power to remove them without waiting for the slow process of law, even though travel be not absolutely and entirely prevented”.

Thus, when the necessity of keeping the highway open, conflicts with individual’s reception of the mail, the latter must stand aside. The owner might even be compelled to remove the box under Highway Law #319.
(Parts of the above are excerpts from an informal opinion by the Attorney General, dated 2/28/66.)

The Depositing of Snow on Highways or Shoulders

Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Section 214 of the Highway Law of New York State, specifically prohibits the placing or leaving of snow, ice or other substance, upon any highway (which includes pavement, shoulders and ditches).

In the last few years, the practice of plowing or depositing snow from private driveways or private property onto the highway has increased significantly, especially after roadways have been cleared and snow pushed back behind the shoulders by Highway Agencies. The intent of this notice is to point out the possibility of serious accidents as a direct result of the plowing of snow onto a public highway: and , the fact that it is contrary to law, and the person or persons responsible for said plowing and/or depositing of snow upon the roadway may be liable to a fine of $1000.00 per day, per occurrence, for each day the occurrence remains uncorrected.

As a result, should these practices occur, police agencies will be notified of such occurrence(s) with the intent that summonses will be issued to the responsible person or persons.